How will your enterprise interact with blockchains, smart contracts, and digital assets?


Libra Enterprise is the connective tissue enabling business professionals to utilize blockchain tech. Our platform consists of three solution layers: integration, interaction, and interface, which solve the problems of system compatibility, information consumption, and user comfort. Together these complimentary solutions enable an end-to-end system. Depending on client use case, each solution can operate independently.










How do you envision connecting blockchain data to enterprise applications from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and SFDC? Libra’s base value proposition is supporting the synchronization of data from disparate protocols to existing IT infrastructure through our integration solution layer.


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How do you demonstrate the business value from a blockchain proof-of-concept? Libra’s core tools provide business professionals the means to extract valuable information from blockchain systems.


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How important is user experience to the long-term success of your blockchain project? Libra provides both programming and user interface options based on client requirements.


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vulcanbarLibra Enterprise is proudly deployed for PwC’s Vulcan Digital Asset Services.