Personal Recordkeeping for All Your Digital Assets

Before LibraTax, accurately calculating gains and losses for cryptocurrencies was extremely challenging, if not impossible. We created Libra to eliminate that challenge and deliver reporting and record keeping that lives up to modern financial standards. Whether you want to simply track the performance of your investment or maintain IRS compliant records, we have developed a comprehensive solution that is built from the ground up specifically for cryptocurrency. The app supports all activity types like trading, holding, spending, mining, gifting, tipping, and donating. It works automatically with transactions that are “on-blockchain” or “off-blockchain”. Best of all, once you have your wallets connected, your transactions will sync in real time. Finally, you have a way to visualize your performance across multiple wallets and exchanges in real-time.


In addition to this, users have the freedom to adopt any cost basis method imaginable – FIFO, LIFO, Average, or “Libra Optimized” (a custom “selective” methodology). With our optimized approach, a method that is used by the most savvy equity traders, your reportable gains can be algorithmically minimized, potentially saving you thousands in tax obligations.

Feature Highlights:

Connect to major wallets and exchanges like Coinbase to sync all of your transactions in seconds.  We can also import the transaction downloads from popular wallets like Circle.  Alternatively, upload a spreadsheet in our generic format with no personal data to use Libra completely anonymously.

You can also connect directly to the blockchain itself by providing an unlimited number of public keys.  Don’t worry about change addresses or identifying the transfer of money to and from your own accounts, we detect and account for that activity automatically, like magic.

Several cost-basis methods – FIFO, LIFO, AVCO and “Libra Optimized” – allow you to quantify your realized gain and/or loss for various reporting purposes.

Know your realized gain or loss on-demand, in real-time with Libra. Take a snapshot at any previous year and compare against various per annum perspectives.

Libra has several digital currency CPAs linked directly to our app – you’re always only a click away from a professional with digital currency expertise who can help.

Always know where you stand.